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Custom Printed Vinyl (CPV)

Custom Printed Vinyl (CPV) is great for your custom projects because it allows to you print anything you want (literally!) on vinyl, which is extremely versatile and durable.


Bright Colors

We can print the whole spectrum.


High Resolution

Print whatever you want in high resolution.  The sky is the limit!

IMG_3321 Large.jpeg

Any Size!

Customizable to any of your size requirements.


Wall Applications

Want custom work on your wall? CPV can be applied to your walls!


Easy to Store

CPV can be rolled up and rolled out quickly, making it easy to set up and dismantle.

TEK Floors_Miami HEAT Lab_edited.jpg


CPV can handle a decent amount of foot traffic at your event or venue!

Check out some of our CPV Projects!

Call us today for your next trade show or event flooring project!

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