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Residential & Commercial Luxury Vinyl

Residential & Commercial Vinyl

Choose luxury vinyl flooring from TEK Floors and select from many different patterns and styles of luxury sheet vinyl  at great discount prices. With its incredible durability and low maintenance, luxury vinyl makes the perfect flooring option in bathrooms, laundry rooms, mud rooms, playrooms, and other high traffic areas around your home. Just bring in the measurements for the room or rooms that you are looking to get luxury vinyl in, and we’ll help you pick the perfect option.

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Commercial sheet vinyl is a durable flooring material made from a combination of natural and synthetic polymer materials. It’s found everywhere from hotel lobbies and office foyers to schools and hospitals. And it’s rapidly being adopted in more and more settings due to design and material innovations.


Choosing the type of commercial vinyl flooring best-suited for your application depends on several factors including lifetime cost, design preferences and length of time you intend to use the product. Contact us today and we will help you pick the perfect option!

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Why Sheet Vinyl?

  • Luxury sheet vinyl is incredibly durable and resistant to anything you can throw at it. It is also incredibly water resistant, even waterproof, making it the perfect flooring for mud rooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements, and kitchens.

  • Luxury sheet vinyl is made to mimic the look and feel of real wood and stone. Luxury vinyl flooring can even have textures.

  • Luxury sheet vinyl is softer under foot and warmer than hardwood, laminate, or tile.

Contemporary vinyl flooring can be a luxury for a fraction of the price!


Call us today for your next flooring project!


We specialize in Waterproof, Hardwood, Vinyl, Carpet & Custom flooring for your Residential and Commercial needs.

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